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Afghanistan is not a US colony

With all the unspeakable humilation on the Afghans, perhaps the time is near after all... Pity poor Taliqan (a region in Afghanista... thumbnail 1 summary
With all the unspeakable humilation on the Afghans, perhaps the time is near after all...

Pity poor Taliqan (a region in Afghanistan) that at that place are treasures of Allah, but these are not of gold and silver but consist of people who have recognised Allah as they should have. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-zaman, p.59)

 On the authority of Thawbaan (May Allah be pleased with him), the Messenger of Allah said: “If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan go to them immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al Mahdi.” [Narrated on authority of Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim, Ahmaad]
Hell is empty and all the devils are here. --- William Shakespeare, The Tempest.

A country robbed of peace and bereft of aspirations, Afghanistan seems to be plunging more and more into a pitiful morass of grievances brought about by the military madness the US troops exhibit in the beleaguered land with brazen-faced contumely.

One such instance of military insanity is reflected in the two-year-old photographs recently published by the Los Angeles Times which show US soldiers posing with the mangled bodies of Afghan militants.

These repugnant photos dealt a rapid blow to US-Afghan relations at a time when Washington seeks a strategic deal with Afghan President Hamed Karzai to maintain a presence in the country after the 2014 pullout of most foreign combat troops.

Karzai slammed the photographs as “inhuman” on Thursday, calling for a rapid transition from NATO to Afghan security in order to stall further similar incidents. A statement issued by Karzai’s office says, “The Afghan president emphasized that the only way to prevent such bitter experiences in the future is a quick and complete security transition from foreign forces.”

The 18 photos were provided by a soldier who served in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne’s 4th Brigade Combat Team from Ft. Bragg, N.C. who believed that the photos “point to a breakdown in leadership and discipline.”

Apart from the rage these revolting photos sparked all across Afghanistan and the aversion they created in the international community, these photos represent the absurdity and the devastating nature of a war initially waged in the name of de-talibanizing the country at the hands of those who have lost the very quintessence of humanity.

In 2010, a group of US soldiers made up a kill team and decided to go on a shooting spree in the neighborhood. Stationed in Kandahar, they went for a human hunt all for the sake of gratifying a mad passion neighing in their breasts. With no fear for any pangs of conscience that might later prick them to death, two men of Bravo Company, Cpl. Jeremy Morlock and Pfc. Andrew Holmes embarked on their devilish journey until they reached La Mohammad Kalay, an isolated farming village. They caught sight of a young Afghan whose age could not possibly exceed 15.

His name was Gul Mudin. The young boy was killed in cold blood and his blood-stained body was used by the same soldiers to pose for photos. In an unnamable act, Pfc. Andrew Holmes then cut off the Afghan’s pinky for a keepsake. Later, it transpired that the US soldiers in his Platoon “[threw] candy out of a Stryker vehicle as they drove through a village [and shot] children who came running to pick up the sweets.” Later, Spiegel Online published some of these photos.

Desecrating the dead in Afghanistan by US soldiers is nothing new. In another inhuman act, a 40-second clip shows four men in combat gear urinating on three dead bodies.

They are also heard to say jokingly, 'Have a great day, buddy', 'Golden like a shower' and 'Yeahhhh!'

It is very shocking to note that there is no limit to their insult. In February, US soldiers at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan burned some copies of the Holy Quran.

Hatred for the US government is on the rise in Afghanistan. Any iota of optimism that Washington launched an expedition into the country in order to wipe out the Taliban and give the Afghans a breath of freedom is obsolete now. The Afghan people’s cognizance of US agenda in the country may be next to nothing but they now know the sadistic-fetishistic acts the US troops perform on dead bodies in the country are an egregious affront to the Afghans in the first place and a desecration of all qualities revered by every sensible person in the second.

Colonialism has run its course. Yet, the US troops in Afghanistan have travelled back in time when Americans colonized people through the malicious practices of serfdom, indentured servitude and debt bondage and treated them as chattels. Figuratively speaking, they built their houses on the bones of their slaves.

But Afghanistan is not a US colony.

Dr. Ismail Salami
The author of Human Rights in Islam and Iran, Cradle of Civilization, Dr. Ismail Salami writes articles with his main focus on the Middle East. His articles have been translated into a number of languages.

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Antara Tupac, True D & Dajjal

Anda sudah bersedia? Dari Coachella 2012 habuan khas untuk Genereasi Y dan Z.. Dari 2D ke 3D dan sekarang True D.. "Sihir Dajjal" ... thumbnail 1 summary
Anda sudah bersedia? Dari Coachella 2012 habuan khas untuk Genereasi Y dan Z.. Dari 2D ke 3D dan sekarang True D.. "Sihir Dajjal" memulakan spektrum baru dalam menzahirkan & kemudian "menghidupkan" orang yang telah mati melalui dunia hiburan, pementasan, television, video & layar perak sebagai pentas utama ritual pemujaan melalui agen-agen Illuminatinya.

Ironiknya mereka tetap memilih Tupac Shakur untuk ritual permulaan ini dimana di saat-saat kematiannya beliau telah mula bersuara menentang dominasi dan pengaruh Illuminati dalam dunia hiburan. Tidak kurang juga pihak-pihak yang percaya bahawa kematian Tupac itu adalah hasil perancangan Illuminati kerana kelantangan beliau. Dan seperti lazimnya dalam kaedah Illuminati, kematian Tupac itu sendiri seperti lagenda-lagenda muzik lain dijadikan ritual pemujaan setan melalui dunia hiburan. Selepas ini siapa? Michael Jackson? Amy Winehouse? Kurt Kobain?

Buat masa ini berpuashati lah dengan sedikit 'preview" dari masa depan yang sangat hampir dalam bentuk dua orang lagenda rap berganding bahu dan berduet atas pentas yang sama. Bezanya cuma Snoop Dog masih hidup manakala Tupac telah meninggal dunia 16 tahun lepas.

Malah melalui projek mega-tech "Blue Beam" kelak, audio visual hologram dan "true D" yang jauh lebih memukau, akan dipancarkan ke langit dan alam semesta dalam masa yang terdekat ini. Kita akan melihat lebih banyak teknologi visualisasi yang lebih "mengkagumkan" dalam usaha-usaha tentera Dajjal untuk memanifestasikan tipudaya mereka keatas umat Islam khususnya dan seluruh dunia amnya.

Buat masa ini dunia hiburan menjadi medan eksperimentasi pilihannya kerana mudahnya menjadi ikutan, memesong dan mengawal pemikiran manusia kerana bahan kandungan/ "content" yang umumnya dianggap "ringan" dan "tidak berbahaya"! Secara berperingkat seperti biasa agenda Dajjal yang menyesatkan akan beralih kepada isu-isu yang membabitkan aqidah itu sendiri melalui wadah yang lebih hebat dan sirius.

Buat masa ini boleh lah kita jangka lebih banyak pementasan hiburan yang menonjolkan artis dan selebriti yang telah mati akan diadakan untuk para peminat mereka yang fanatik sekaligus terus memerangkap manusia dalam suatu lingkaran pemujaan dan penyembahan makhluq yang tiada tolok bandingnya.


It was just a few hours after they done it and I caught the 1st upload of that revolutionary "Tupac Resurrection" at Sunday's Coachella 2012 before it was taken down later by Youtube for infringement. I was too busy catching up with work and couldn't feature it until today.

For a long time they had it coming. I'm not surprised at all looking at this and reading the initial responses and comments which trailed one after another expressing awe, shock, disbelief, sadness and fear. In short a whole range of emotions and a gamut of expressions. - AL FAEDAH
Coachella 2012 Sunday: Hologram Tupac
The superstars came out on the third and final day of Southern California's Coachella festival--and really, only at Coachella would a surprise dance tent performance by a superstar like Rihanna (more on that later) not be THE most talked-about event of the day. Instead, everyone was talking about another, much more surprising superstar cameo, by Tupac. Yes, the late Tupac Shakur. In hologram form.

Tupac died in 1996, three years before the first Coachella festival took place, but that didn't stop him--or at least his bizarrely lifelike 3D image--from joining Dr. Dre onstage during Dre's much-hyped festival finale this year.

Call it better gigging through technology: About halfway through Dre's 70-minute set, what appeared to be an actual shirtless Tupac appeared onstage, greeted the crowd with "What up, Coachella?"--and then traded rhymes with Dre's co-billed Coachella partner, the flesh-and-blood Snoop Dogg, on "Come With Me," "Hail Mary," and "Gangsta Party."

Concert goers at first seemed confused--the audience momentarily grew abnormally silent--and that confusion only increased when Tupac suddenly vaporized and vanished from the stage as quickly as he had materialized. All eyez were on him, so to speak, and then, POOF--'Pac was gone.

The Twittersphere was a-buzz about the digital resurrection of Tupac. According to MTV News, the stunningly detailed hologram of the rapper (who died in 1996) could have cost from $100,000 to over $400,000 to create.

The actual specifics of how the hologram works are still under wraps until after the festival closes, in an interview with Dr. Dre last week on Los Angeles radio station revealed that Coachella organizers had given the rapper a "blank check" to do whatever he wanted for his weekend sets.

Digital Domain, the company whose work includes Brad Pitt's CG reverse aging in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the youthful Jeff Bridges in "TRON: Legacy," and the holographic Gorillaz performance for the 2005 Grammys, was hired on to create the Tupac hologram.

AV Concepts president Nick Smith, whose company headed the actual projection of the image, said of the technology, "You can take their likenesses and voice and ... take people that haven't done concerts before or perform music they haven't sung and digitally recreate it."

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Increasing the Power of HAARP - Geometric Modulation

Brandon Turbeville AP As tornadoes complete their march through America’s heartland, and earthquakes rattle the planet, questions as... thumbnail 1 summary
Brandon Turbeville

As tornadoes complete their march through America’s heartland, and earthquakes rattle the planet, questions as to the nature of these events are being raised anew, particularly among those aware of the capabilities of HAARP technology. Indeed, the more one understands about the levels of technological development achieved in the upper reaches of government and elitist corporations, the more one is forced to question what previously could be taken for granted as a natural occurrence.

Nevertheless, the very concept of man-made weather is simply too much for many stuck in mainstream tunnel vision to grasp. Admittedly, those of us not actually involved in the project, as a result of overwhelming secrecy and blatant refusal to divulge any real information on the HAARP system, are left to much speculation.

Some individuals may claim that HAARP is incapable of producing large-scale events. Others, however, find a way to blame virtually every natural disaster on the technology. In the end, the truth likely sits somewhere in between.

Regardless, there are individuals who have done amazing amounts of good research regarding HAARP with very little resources at their disposal. Obviously, these researchers have developed their own terminology and designation for the anomalies surrounding weather and HAARP events.
Specifically, terms like “Scalar Squares,” “HAARP Rings,” and “Stairstep Patterns” have become accepted nomenclature for many who follow the HAARP system and its effects on weather patterns and the environment.

These terms have become highly used in HAARP-related videos on YouTube and, unfortunately, are the subject of much ridicule by those still ignorant of scientific advancements. More often than not, the very concept of using these types of “patterns,” or even the technology itself, is rejected as tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theory.

However, the folks at Sincedutch have produced a paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters by researchers working on a grant presented to Stanford University by the Office of Naval Research regarding the efficacy of a new type of ELF/VLF wave generation. This new method of wave generation – using HAARP itself – is called “geometric modulation” due to the use of geometric patterns for wave generation.

As the paper entitled, “Geometric modulation: A more effective method of steerable ELF/VLF wave generation with continuous HF heating of the lower ionosphere,” states, geometric modulation is a “new method of ELF/VLF wave generation, . . . involving the scanning the HF heating beam in a geometric pattern without modulating its power.”

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Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive

June 8, 2003 by Henry Makow Ph.D.   "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous h... thumbnail 1 summary
June 8, 2003
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

 "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover

The world is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult. 

People recoil at the suggestion but proof stares us in the face every day. 

George W. Bush, President of the "Free World" is a member of "Skull and Bones" a chapter of the Illuminati order. His father, grandfather and uncle are also members. 

In his autobiography, "A Charge to Keep" Bush writes, "My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society so secret I can't say anything more." In Aug. 2000 he said his "heritage is part of who I am."

Isn't this a conflict of interest? 

Hello! Can a man hold any public office, let alone the most important, and belong to a "secret society"? If this society were benign, would it have to be secret? 

What a secret society it is! The Illuminati is the hidden hand behind all modern cataclysms, including the French and Russian Revolutions, Communism, the Depression and Nazism. To affect the course of history only takes money. The people behind the Illuminati have plenty. 

It's time we faced reality. Murphy's Law applies to humanity. "If it can go wrong, it will." 

It has. The world is ruled by a satanic cult.


The Illuminati originates in the Jewish Kabala, Babylonian mystery cults, the Templars, Freemasons and assorted interests dedicated to Satan worship and absolute power. On May 1 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Inglestadt in Germany, founded "The Order of the Illuminati." Many people believe Weishaupt was sponsored by Prince William of Hesse Casel and his banker Meyer Amschel Rothschild, the wealthiest man in the world.

The Illuminati's goal was to destroy Western Civilization and to erect a new world order ruled by them. Its method was to dissolve all social ties (employer, nation, religion, race, family) by exploiting social discontent and promising a golden age of "human brotherhood." This is now called "globalization."

Attracted by the promise of power and change, people served without realizing who or what they were supporting. Weishaupt urged his followers to "practise the art of counterfeit." New recruits were told the Illuminati expressed the original spirit of Christianity. Weishaupt marvelled that even churchmen could be gulled. "Oh! Men, of what cannot you be persuaded?" (Nesta Webster, World Revolution, 1921, p. 27)

The Illuminati had a hand in every so-called "progressive" movement of the past 200 years. Women, said Weishaupt, were to be enlisted with "hints of emancipation." They "can all be led toward change by vanity, curiosity, sensuality and inclination." (Webster, 29)

William Huntington, an American who had studied in Germany, founded the "Skull and Bones" (Chapter 322 of the Bavarian Illuminati) at Yale University in 1832. The members wore a death's head on their chests and were sworn to secrecy on pain of death. "The Order" became the preserve of the leading New England families, many wealthy from the Opium trade. These include the Whitneys, Tafts, Buckleys, Lowells, Sloans, Coffins, and Harrimans. The Bush family was dependent on these interests.

For over 150 years, "Bonesmen" have run the world from positions in banking, intelligence, media, law and government. Members included Presidential handler Averell Harriman, anti war leader William Sloan Coffin, Time-Life magnate Henry Luce, Truman war secretary Henry Stimson (responsible for dropping the atomic bomb), pseudo conservative William F. Buckley and many more.


In the 1960's British-born Dr. Anthony Sutton was a Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute when he discovered that, in spite of the Cold War, the US was supplying the USSR with its technology, including weapons used against American soldiers in Vietnam. Sutton dug deeper and discovered that Wall Street had sponsored both the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Nazi Germany. The resulting books which are on line cost Dr. Sutton his academic career.

In 1983, Dr. Sutton received a list of Skull and Bones members and immediately recognized the names of many men who controlled American policy. He published a book entitled "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones" (1986). He updated and republished this book just before his death last June at age 77. Here are some of his conclusions.
  • "The Order" is " a purely American phenomenon with German origin." Dr. Sutton compares it to the Round Table, Cecil Rhodes' secret society at Oxford also known as "The Group." The American and British entities consist of 20-30 dynastic families each. Jewish banking interests connect them. "The links between 'The Order' and Britain go through Lazard Freres and the private merchant banks... 'The Group' links to the Jewish equivalent through the Rothschilds in Britain... 'The Order' in the US links to the Guggenheim, Schiff and Warburg families." (23)
    As Dr. Sutton notes, the "Order" had definite anti Semitic tendencies but by the 1960's, many Jewish names started to appear among the 15 annual inductees. See list of Skull and Bones members.
  • Dr. Sutton believes the "left" versus "right" split is fraudulent and used to control the debate and condition citizens to think along certain lines. Left-wing magazines like the "The Nation" and "The New Republic" and right-wing magazines like "The National Review were "artificially set up." The former were financed by Whitney money while the latter by Buckley. Both are "The Order." Dr. Sutton states: "Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left. This is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them."
    Similarly, in the international field left and right political structures are artificially constructed and collapsed in the drive for one-world synthesis, i.e. authoritarian socialism controlled by monopoly capital.
    College textbooks present war and revolution as accidental results of conflicting forces. This is nonsense, says Dr. Sutton. They are created and financed by Wall Street to create a new world order. But you won't read this in history books.
    "Our Western history is every bit as distorted, censored and largely useless as that of Hitler's Germany or the Soviet Union or Communist China..." (122)
  • Dr. Sutton believes The Order has many weaknesses resulting from an inbred gene pool, a shallow power base and a limited worldview. In any future conflict between the authoritarian state and the individual, he believes opposition will take "a million forms." " No one is going to create the anti-The Order movement. That would be foolish and unnecessary. It could be infiltrated, bought off, or diverted all too easily. Why play by the rules set by the enemy?
    The movement that will topple The Order will be extremely simple and most effective. It will be ten thousand or a million Americans who come to the conclusion that they don't want the State to be boss, that they prefer to live under the protection of the Constitution. They will make their own independent decision to thwart The Order and it will take ten thousand or a million forms." (55)
Bizarre as it sounds, our world is the product of a multi generational satanic conspiracy.

(Believe me I would give everything I own to be wrong.)

When we compare this disturbing conclusion with the comforting picture purveyed by Illuminati controlled-mass media and education, we experience "cognitive dissonance," or psychological stress. This is usually resolved by evading reality, dismissing it as "conspiracy theory.

One reader, stirring in his sleep, wrote: "You sir are T-TOTALLY the biggest story teller I have ever heard. If I ever get really bored I will read some of your concockions.

In fact, conspiracy is very plausible. People who control a grossly disproportionate share of the world's wealth will take measures to consolidate their position. They will destabilize the public by inciting a series of wars and other mind-boggling hoaxes (communism, lesbian feminism, multiculturalism).

They will subvert faith in a loving God and promote violence and depravity (Satan) instead.

The government-inspired 9-11 atrocity proves a satanic cult controls the US. Bush and his accomplices are criminals, traitors and impostors. But don't look to the Democrats for salvation. Leading contender Sen. John Kerry is also Skull and Bones (Class of 1966.

The "War on Terror" is obviously designed to forestall domestic opposition and condition people to further subjugation and new world order. What can we do.

Antony Sutton had it right when he said opposition should be individual in character. It should "take ten thousand or a million forms."

The AIDS Hoax

Prof.  Peter Duesberg, left, says AIDS is really a cancer caused  by a recreational drug used by gays, and is exacerbated by the popula... thumbnail 1 summary
Prof.  Peter Duesberg, left, says AIDS is really a cancer caused  by a recreational drug used by gays, and is exacerbated by the popular AZT treatment. 

There are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about AIDS. The notion that AIDS is a money-making hoax is rarely discussed.

Promoting the theory that AIDS is really an epidemic disease is the exact modus operandi of the "MONEY POWER" to keep the population in a perpetual state of fear.


The AIDS Hoax

by David Douthit

This is the story of Peter Duesberg. Duesberg is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkley. He is a cancer researcher who has formulated a theory that HIV does not cause AIDS.

According to Duesberg what is known as AIDS was originally caused by the use of Alkyl Nitrate in the homosexual communities. Alkyl Nitrate is a recreational drug that creates some euphoria, and also loosens the anal spincter making anal sex easier.

Hence its use by homosexuals. Alkyl Nitrate, like some other nitrates, causes Karposi Sarcoma, a virulent cancer. When homosexuals in the late 70's and early 80's started surfacing with Karposi Sarcoma the possibility of a new epidemic disease was proposed.

Causes for the new disease were explored. HIV, a retrovirus present in many of the homosexual community that had Karposi Sarcoma was identified and labeled the possible cause of AIDS.

The extremely toxic cancer drug AZT was resurrected from oblivion, because it had been banned for chemotherapy cancer use.

AZT was approved for treatment of HIV infection. AZT itself causes many disease conditions commonly associated with AIDS. Merely detecting HIV infection was cause for "treatment" with AZT.

Once AZT treatment was initiated a whole myriad of AIDS symptoms surfaced, not just Karposi Sarcoma. Lots of money was made from causing more disease conditions, which of course had to be treated with other expensive drugs as well.


Africa has suffered from many tropical diseases like malaria, and malnutrition because of wars, revolutions, and famine. These conditions  were labeled as AIDS, even though HIV positive test results were not  obtained in most cases.

The AIDS figures were always greatly inflated by this sleight of hand. This resulted in huge amounts of money allotted for AIDS research. Many "researchers" and pharmaceutical companies profited greatly.

Duesberg contends that HIV is a harmless retrovirus. That is why a person may be infected with HIV for years and never experience any symptoms associated with AIDS, until of course treatment with AZT is initiated.

Doctors will then say, "good thing we started treatment just in time as symptoms started to surface."

Huge sums were made from the AIDS hoax. It could never be "cured", just treated indefinitely at a high cost, and AZT caused many more disease conditions.

Duesberg's theory was totally ostracized by the scientific community, and personal attacks were made. It was the classic kill-the-messenger approach. Duesberg wrote a book "Inventing the AIDS Virus" that details his theory.

Duesberg's theory has never received much press even in conspiracy circles. I believe that is because it is probably the closest to the truth.

I wrote this article for anyone infected with HIV, which could be almost anyone homosexual or heterosexual, so that they could have necessary information before starting any AZT regime for "treatment".

I am not a homosexual, but I certainly do not wish any harm to come to anyone. Promoting the theory that AIDS is really an epidemic disease is the exact MO of the "Powers That Be" to keep the population in a perpetual fear state.

I know for a fact that drugs used to treat "Autism" actually cause many of the symptoms labeled "Autism". I have witnessed it with my own two eyes. That is going to be the topic of one of my subsequent articles.

27 statistics about the European economic crisis that are almost too crazy to believe

The economic crisis in Europe continues to get worse and eventually it is going to unravel into a complete economic nightmare.  All over Eur... thumbnail 1 summary
The economic crisis in Europe continues to get worse and eventually it is going to unravel into a complete economic nightmare.  All over Europe, national governments have piled up debts that are completely unsustainable.  But whenever they start significantly cutting government spending it results in an economic slowdown.  So politicians in Europe are really caught between a rock and a hard place.  They can’t keep racking up these unsustainable debts, but if they continue to cut government spending it is going to push their economies into deep recession and their populations will riot.  Greece is a perfect example of this.

Greece has been going down the austerity road for several years now and they are experiencing a full-blown economic depression, riots have become a way of life in that country and their national budget is still not anywhere close to balanced.  Americans should pay close attention to what is going on in Europe, because this is what it looks like when a debt party ends.  Most of the nations in the eurozone have just started implementing austerity, and yet unemployment in the eurozone is already the highest it has been since the euro was introduced.  It has risen for 10 months in a row and is now up to 10.8 percent. 

Sadly, it is going to go even higher.  As economies across Europe slide into recession, that is going to put even more pressure on the European financial system.  Most Americans do not realize this, but the European banking system is absolutely enormous.  It is nearly four times the size that the U.S. banking system is.  When the European banking system crashes (and it will) it is going to reverberate around the globe.  The epicenter of the next great financial crisis is going to be in Europe, and it is getting closer with each passing day.

The following are 27 statistics about the European economic crisis that are almost too crazy to believe….

#1 The Greek economy shrank by 6 percent during 2011, and it has been shrinking for five years in a row.
#2 The average unemployment rate in Greece in 2010 was 12.5 percent.  During 2011, the average unemployment rate was 17.3 percent, and now the unemployment rate in Greece is up to 21.8 percent.
#3 The youth unemployment rate in Greece is now over 50 percent.
#4 The unemployment rate in the port town is Perama is about 60 percent.
#5 In Greece, 20 percent of all retail stores have closed down during the economic crisis.
#6 Greece now has a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 160 percent.
#7 Some of the austerity measures that have been implemented in Greece have been absolutely brutal.  For example, Greek civil servants have had their incomes slashed by about 40 percent since 2010.
#8 Despite all of the austerity measures, it is being projected that Greece will still have a budget deficit equivalent to 7 percent of GDP in 2012.
#9 Greece is still facing unfunded liabilities in future years that are equivalent to approximately 800 percent of GDP.
#10 In the midst of all the poverty in Greece, several serious diseases are making a major comeback.  The following comes from a recent article in the Guardian….
The incidence of HIV/Aids among intravenous drug users in central Athens soared by 1,250% in the first 10 months of 2011 compared with the same period the previous year, according to the head of Médecins sans Frontières Greece, while malaria is becoming endemic in the south for the first time since the rule of the colonels, which ended in the 1970s.

#11 The unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 23.6 percent.
#12 The youth unemployment rate in Spain is now over 50 percent.
#13 The total value of all toxic loans in Spain is equivalent to approximately 13 percent of Spanish GDP.
#14 The GDP of Spain is about 1.4 trillion dollars.  The three largest Spanish banks have approximately 2.7 trillion dollars in assets and they are all on the verge of failing.
#15 Home prices in Spain fell by 11.2 percent during 2011.
#16 The number of property repossessions in Spain rose by 32 percent during 2011.
#17 The ratio of government debt to GDP in Spain will rise by more than 11 percent during 2012.
#18 On top of everything else, Spain is dealing with the worst drought it has seen in 70 years.

#19 The unemployment rate in Portugal is up to 15 percent.
#20 The youth unemployment rate in Portugal is now over 35 percent.
#21 Banks in Portugal borrowed a record 56.3 billion euros from the European Central Bank in March.
#22 It is being projected that the Portuguese economy will shrink by 5.7 percent during 2012.
#23 When you add up all forms of debt in Portugal (government, business and consumer) the total is equivalent to approximately 360 percent of GDP.

#24 Youth unemployment in Italy is up to 31.9 percent – the highest level ever.
#25 Italy’s national debt is approximately 2.7 times larger than the national debts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal put together.
#26 If you add the maturing debt that the Italian government must roll over in 2012 to the projected budget deficit, it comes to approximately 23.1 percent of Italy’s GDP.
#27 Italy now has a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 120 percent.

So why hasn’t Europe crashed already?

Well, the powers that be are pulling out all their tricks.
For example, the European Central Bank decided to start loaning gigantic mountains of money to European banks.  That accomplished two things….

1) It kept those European banks from collapsing.
2) European banks used that money to buy up sovereign bonds and that kept interest rates down.

Unfortunately, all of this game playing has also put the European Central Bank in a very vulnerable position.
The balance sheet of the European Central Bank has expanded by more than 1 trillion dollars over the past nine months.  The balance sheet of the European Central Bank is now larger than the entire GDP of Germany and the ECB is now leveraged 36 to 1.
So just how far can you stretch the rubberband before it snaps?

Perhaps we are about to find out.

The European financial system is leveraged like crazy right now.  Even banking systems in countries that you think of as “stable” are leveraged to extremes.

For example, major German banks are leveraged 32 to 1, and those banks are holding a massive amount of European sovereign debt.

When Lehman Brothers finally collapsed, it was only leveraged 30 to 1.

You can’t solve a debt crisis with more debt.  But the European Central Bank has been able to use more debt to kick the can down the road a few more months.

At some point the sovereign debt bubble is going to burst.

All financial bubbles eventually burst.

What goes up must come down.

Right now, the major industrialized nations of the world are approximately 55 trillion dollars in debt.

It has been a fun ride, but this fraudulent pyramid of risk, debt and leverage is going to come crashing down at some point.
It is only a matter of time.

Already, there are a whole bunch of signs that some very serious economic trouble is on the horizon.

Hopefully we still have a few more months until it hits.

But in this day and age nothing is guaranteed.

What does seem abundantly clear is that the current global financial system is inevitably going to fail.

When it does, what “solutions” will our leaders try to impose upon us?

That is something to think about.

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Intel Report Suggests That Saudi Royals Are Crypto Jews

2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin by David Livingstone The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations ... thumbnail 1 summary
2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin
by David Livingstone

The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents dating from Saddam’s rule.  One, a General Military Intelligence Directorate report from September 2002, entitled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots”, shows the Iraqi government was aware of the nefarious purposes of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, often known as Salafis, in serving Western interests to undermine Islam.

The report relies heavily on the Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, which describe in detail how a British spy to the Middle East, in the middle of the eighteenth century, made contact with Adbul Wahhab, to create a subversive version of Islam, the notorious sect of Wahhabism, which became the founding cult of the Saudi regime.  The movement was temporarily suppressed by the Ottomam armies in the middle of the nineteenth century.

But with the assistance of the British, the Wahhabis and their Saudi sponsors returned to power and founded their own state in 1932.  Since then, the Saudis have collaborated closely with the Americans, to whom they owe their tremendous oil wealth, in funding various Islamic fundamentalist organizations and other American covert operations, particularly the "jihad" in Afghanistan.  But the Saudis simulatenously use the immense wealth at their dispossal to disseminate this disruptive brand of Islam to various parts of the world, categorized by some of the largest propaganda campaign in history.

Many who defend Wahhabism as a legitimate reform movement of Islam have tried to dismiss the Memoirs as a spurious fabrication.  These include Bernard Haykel, Professor in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, who, without providing any evidence, presumes the Memoirs to have been created by Ayyub Sabri Pasha.

However, while the Memoirs only emerged in the 1970s, Pasha wrote his version of the story already in 1888.  Ayyub Sabri Pasha was a well-known Ottoman writer and Turkish naval admiral, who served the Ottoman army in the Arabian Pensinsula, writing several works about the region and it's history.  Including The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism, where he recounts Abdul Wahhab's association and plotting with Hempher.

In addition to that revealed in the Hempher Memoirs, the Iraqi intelligence report also makes known some surprising claims, derived from works circulated in Arabic which have not been translated into English.  As the report recounts, both Abdul Wahhab, and his sponsor, ibn Saud, who founded the Saudi dynasty, were of Jewish origin.

For example, D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey.  The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam.  Viewing it as a sacred mystery, Zevi's followers imitated his conversion to Islam, though secretly keeping to their Kabbalistic doctrines.

In Europe, the Shabbeteans were eventually led a century later by Jacob Frank, claiming to be a reincarnation of Zevi.  And, according to Rabbi Antelman in To Eliminate the Opiate, to them belonged the Rothschilds who had a hand in the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati.  The Donmeh community of Turkey were concentrated in the city of Salonika, which became a hotbed of Masonic activity, and from which the Young Turk movement evolved, which aided in the collapse of the Muslim empire of the Ottoman Turks.  There is evidence that Ataturk himself, the founder of the modern Turkish state, was of Donmeh origin as well.

Turan maintains that Abdul Wahhab's grandfather, Sulayman was actually Shulman, having belonged to the Jewish community of Bursa in Turkey.  From there he settled in Damascus, where he feigned Islam, but was apparently expelled for practicing sorcery.  He then fled to Egypt and he again faced condemnation, so made his way he to the Hijaz, where he got married and fathered Abdul Wahhab. According to the report, the same is claimed in The Donmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahabis, Rifat Salim Kabar. 

The notion of the Saudi family being of Jewish heritage has been published by Mohammad Sakher, who, it is claimed, was ordered killed by the regime for his revelations.  The report relates a similar account, but from different sources.  According The Wahabi Movement/The Truth and Roots, by Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim Al-Shammari, for example, ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra.  Apparently, when he was approached by members from the Arabian tribe of Aniza, then claimed to be one of them, and traveled with them to Najd and his name became Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa.

Additionally, Abdul Wahhab was descended from Wahib Al-Tamimi, so, as reported by al Said Nasir, in The History of the Saud Family, the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Mufaddal, paid Muhammad Al-Tamimi thirty five thousand Jinee in the year 1943, to forge a family tree of the Saudi family and that of Abdul Wahhab, and merge them into one, claiming their origin from the Prophet Mohammed.

While it would be difficult to independantly authenticate these claims, they are interesting in light of the role that the state of Saudi Arabia has and continues to play with regards to supporting and advancing Western power in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Especially astounding is the very dubious and virulent form of Islam, that Wahhabism and Salafism represent, which is currently wrecking havoc on Islamic traditions, and dividing the Muslim community in petty squabbles over trivial details, allowing the War on Islam to proceed effectively unchecked.


Are you generation X, Y... or Z? Hey you know tell you what. I'll kindly rephrase that. What's after Generation Z called? Has it ... thumbnail 1 summary
Are you generation X, Y... or Z?

Hey you know tell you what. I'll kindly rephrase that. What's after Generation Z called?

Has it ever occurred to you why it ends with Z? Try ask whoever coined up the terms? Maybe they have a plausible explaination and know much more than you ever cared, before this... They're very fishy people aren't they.

Well maybe I'm missing something... Maybe I'm not.

You know they have intricate post code numbers in the UK where unlike here in Malaysia, each post code in the UK point to a unique specific address. You'd just have to key in the post code on your average GPS navigator and it'll bring you right to the doorstep whether it's landed property or otherwise, every post code points to a unique address. Just like a vehicle number plate. Each number plates points to a unique vehicle.

What's my point? Well why generation Z? Couldn't they just come up with an alternative numbering/coding system? I mean common, what goes beyond Generation Z? OOOPS.... I'm sorry.. Is it supposed to end there? Go figure?

Generation Z. Born: 1995-2012. Coming of Age: 2013-2020.

2020? 2020? Now that has always been a suspicious number.. Go figure what's in store!


Generation X
Born: 1966-1976
Coming of Age: 1988-1994
Age in 2004: 28 to 38
Current Population: 41 million
Sometimes referred to as the “lost” generation, this was the first generation of “latchkey” kids, exposed to lots of daycare and divorce. Known as the generation with the lowest voting participation rate of any generation, Gen Xers were quoted by Newsweek as “the generation that dropped out without ever turning on the news or tuning in to the social issues around them.”

Gen X is often characterized by high levels of skepticism, “what’s in it for me” attitudes and a reputation for some of the worst music to ever gain popularity. Now, moving into adulthood William Morrow (Generations) cited the childhood divorce of many Gen Xers as “one of the most decisive experiences influencing how Gen Xers will shape their own families”.

Gen Xers are arguably the best educated generation with 29% obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher (6% higher than the previous cohort). And, with that education and a growing maturity they are starting to form families with a higher level of caution and pragmatism than their parents demonstrated. Concerns run high over avoiding broken homes, kids growing up without a parent around and financial planning.

Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums
Born: 1977-1994
Coming of Age: 1998-2006
Age in 2004: 10 to 22
Current Population: 71 million
The largest cohort since the Baby Boomers, their high numbers reflect their births as that of their parent generation..the last of the Boomer Is and most of the Boomer II s. Gen Y kids are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales they not only grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since early childhood.

Gen Y members are much more racially and ethnically diverse and they are much more segmented as an audience aided by the rapid expansion in Cable TV channels, satellite radio, the Internet, e-zines, etc.

Gen Y are less brand loyal and the speed of the Internet has led the cohort to be similarly flexible and changing in its fashion, style consciousness and where and how it is communicated with.

Gen Y kids often raised in dual income or single parent families have been more involved in family purchases...everything from groceries to new cars. One in nine Gen Yers has a credit card co-signed by a parent.

Generation Z
Born: 1995-2012
Coming of Age: 2013-2020
Age in 2004: 0-9
Current Population: 23 million and growing rapidly
While we don’t know much about Gen Z yet...we know a lot about the environment they are growing up in. This highly diverse environment will make the grade schools of the next generation the most diverse ever. Higher levels of technology will make significant inroads in academics allowing for customized instruction, data mining of student histories to enable pinpoint diagnostics and remediation or accelerated achievement opportunities.

Gen Z kids will grow up with a highly sophisticated media and computer environment and will be more Internet savvy and expert than their Gen Y forerunners. More to come on Gen Z...stay tuned.

Next time we will start to take a more in-depth look at the most significant and impactful of the generational cohorts and what implications there might be for libraries and librarians.

Kerajaan Arab Saudi yang semakin rapuh

Kerajaan Arab Saudi yang semakin rapuh & era kemunculan tentera Imam Mahdi Ashabu Rayati Suud adalah generasi akhir "Thaifah ... thumbnail 1 summary
Kerajaan Arab Saudi yang semakin rapuh & era kemunculan tentera Imam Mahdi

Ashabu Rayati Suud adalah generasi akhir "Thaifah Mansurah" yang dijanjikan. Dalam sebuah riwayat tentang Thaifah manshurah disebutkan, “Akan senantiasa ada sekelompok umatku yang berperang di atas kebenaran. Mereka meraih kemenangan atas orang-orang yang memerangi mereka, sampai akhirnya kelompok terakhir mereka memerangi Dajjal.” [1]

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Abraij Al Bait Makkah - Mercutanda Kiamat

Abraij Al Bait di bumi Makkah dengan mercutanda tanduk setannya yang berselindung di sebalik simbol "bulan sabit" menjadi keme... thumbnail 1 summary
Abraij Al Bait di bumi Makkah dengan mercutanda tanduk setannya yang berselindung di sebalik simbol "bulan sabit" menjadi kemegahan tentera-tentera akhir zaman Dajjal.
Untuk menampakkan lagi petanda tersebut Allah telah mentakdirkan mercutanda kiamat tersebut betul-betul berdiri dihadapan kaabah untuk peringatan dan tatapan umat Islam bahawa saat kiamat yang telah dijanjikan oleh Allah melalui malaikat Jibrail adalah sangat hampir dengan terbinanya menara Abraij Al Bait (dikenali juga sebagai Fairmont Tower).

Menara tersebut merupakan ke 8 tertinggi didunia buat masa ini, tetapi ketika masa pembinaannya ia menandakan era baru dalam perlumbaan pembinaan pencakar langit; sehingga Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) mengumumkan bermulanya era " Megatall".

Dalam satu hadis yang panjang berkenaan Iman, Islam dan Ehsan yang disampaikan oleh malaikat Jibrail kepada Rasulullah s.a.w, dimana didalam hadis yang penting (kerana menerangkan asas aqidah Islam) ini juga Jibrail telah memberi tahu petanda dekat berlakunya hari kiamat.

Kingdom Tower Jeddah
Daripada Umar bin al-Khattab r.a.... Lelaki itu bertanya lagi: Terangkan kepadaku tentang Qiamat. Baginda bersabda: Orang yang ditanya tentang Qiamat tidaklah lebih mengetahui daripada orang yang bertanya. Lelaki itu berkata: Maka terangkanlah kepadaku tentang tanda-tandanya. Baginda bersabda: (Antara tanda-tandanya ialah) apabila seorang hamba perempuan melahirkan tuannya dan apabila engkau melihat orang-orang miskin yang berkaki ayam, tidak berpakaian dan papa kedana yang hanya menjadi pengembala kambing (berbangga-bangga) menegakkan dan meninggi-ninggikan binaan.

Kemudian lelaki itu berlalu, lalu aku terdiam sebentar. Kemudian Baginda bertanya: Wahai ‘Umar! Adakah engkau tahu siapa lelaki yang bertanya itu? Aku berkata: Allah dan RasulNya lebih mengetahui. Baginda bersabda: Sesungguhnya dia adalah Malaikat Jibril yang datang kepada kamu untuk mengajar kamu tentang agama kamu. [Hadis riwayat al-lmam Muslim]

Kingdom Tower Jeddah

Dalam hadis di atas Jibrail menceritakan sifat golongan yang berlumba-lumba membina bangunan tersebut, iaitu orang-orang miskin yang berkaki ayam, tidak berpakaian dan papa kedana yang hanya menjadi pengembala kambing...

Ada pandangan yang mengatakan ia merupakan simbolik kepada suasana ketika itu, bilamana orang yang tidak berkasut, orang miskin yang semestinya ia mendahulukan membeli kasut dari yang lain, tiba-tiba ia telah mendirikan bangunan yang tinggi yang tentunya terpaksa berhutang daripada orang lain.

Memang tepatlah bersesuaian dengan sistem ekonomi kapitalis sekarang dimana penjanaan kewangan bagi pembangunan skala besar mesti melibatkan pinjaman daripada pihak bank ataupun pengeluaran bond (sukuk).

Mengikut sumber penganalisa ekonomi dana pembangunan Mekah di perolehi melalui pasaran kewangan Asia Barat yang di biayai oleh 30 buah bank kapitalis melibatkan pinjaman $9.6bn. Sebagaimana diketahui Putera AlWaleed bin Talal salah seorang kerabat di raja pemerintah Saudi merupakan pemilik Citibank iaitu bank riba-kapitalis terbesar didunia.

Menurut lapuran CTBUH sebanyak 27 dari 88 bangunan tertinggi didunia dibina di Timur Tengah, menunjukkan dengan jelas perlumbaan untuk bermegah-megah dengan binaan tinggi oleh kaum badwi padang pasir ini tidak dapat ditandingi oleh kaum lain.

Lapuran CTBH itu menyatakan," Dalam dekad ini kita dapat menyaksikan bukan sahaja bangunan pertama didunia melepasi aras 1km tinggi, tapi siapnya beberapa buah bangunan yang melepasi 600m (2000 ka) - iaitu dua kali ganda ketinggian Eiffel tower".
Kingdom Tower merupakan bangunan tertinggi didunia melepasi 1km

Kingdom Tower yang akan dibina di Jeddah oleh Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) yang dimiliki oleh Putera Alwaleed bin Talal telah mengesahkan pembinaan bangunan 1km tinggi itu dengan kos SR4.6bn.

Menurut lapuran CTBH pembinaan bangunan Megatall ini lebih merupakan iconic bagi menunjukkan kekuatan ekonominya berbanding kawasan lain didunia ini. Lapuran CTBH itu juga menjawab persoalan kenapakah bangunan Supertall tidak dibina di Barat seperti kebiasaan sebelumnya?

"Kebanyakan bandar di dunia barat telah membina bangunan pencakar langit sejak lebih 100 tahun lalu dan telah meletakkan mereka diperingkat antarabangsa. Tambahan lagi, bandar-bandar di Barat tidak mengalami kepesatan seperti sedang berlaku di Asia, oleh itu kewajarannya adalah kurang bagi pembinaan bangunan Supertall di dunia barat..."
Kingdom Tower Jeddah vs Abraij Al Bait Makkah
Perkembangan pesat pembinaan bangunan tinggi ini dicetuskan oleh berbagai faktor motivasi dari tempatan dan global, dan ia tidak bergantung kepada hanya satu faktor sahaja. Lapuran itu juga membentangkan fakta yang tidak menunjukkan sebarang kaitan antara keperluan penduduk (populasi) dan jumlah bangunan, iaitu negara timur tengah mempunyai nisbah antara populasi-kepada-bangunan adalah terendah.

Sebagai contoh, penduduk UAE hanya 4.7 juta tetapi mempunyai 44 buah bangunan lebih 200 m tinggi, bermakna hanya 100,000 penduduk untuk setiap 200m bangunan. Sebaliknya, China dengan 200 bangunan pada 200 m tinggi, mempunyai kadar hampir 7 juta penduduk untuk setiap 200 m bangunan.

Menjelang 2020, kita akan dapat melihat 8 buah bangunan yang lebih dari 600 m tinggi yang diklasifikasikan sebagai megatall akan siap dibina, dibatasi antara Menara Jam Mekah dan bangunan melepasi awan Kingdom Tower Jeddah!

Fenomena ini telah dimaklumkan oleh Rasulullah dalam beberapa hadis yang lain antaranya;

Tidak ada [hari] pengadilan hingga gedung-gedung yang sangat tinggi dibangunkan - [Diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah r.a.]

As-sa’ah [Hari Kiamat] tidak akan tiba; hingga manusia berlumba-lumba membuat bangunan yang tinggi - [H.R. Bukhari]

The Satanic Agents of Destruction: Yakjuj & Makjuj

Washington’s hype of the Iranian threat to the international order serves the economic and political interests of the ruling cabal ... thumbnail 1 summary

Washington’s hype of the Iranian threat to the international order serves the economic and political interests of the ruling cabal in America and war-hungry freaks in Israel. America’s tyrants need enemies to preserve their war-based rule and national security dictatorship. And Iran’s Islamic tyrants need the Great Satan and Zionist Serpent as enemies in order to legitimize their harsh rule over Iran.
The unjust rulers of Iran loot Iran’s natural resource wealth while pretending to hate the enemy, and America’s unjust rulers do the same thing. Without a state of endless war, their power will collapse. We are dealing with very barbaric, immoral, and anti-democratic regimes that use deception and terror to subdue the people. War and chaos are like mother’s milk to the totalitarian monsters of America, England, Israel, and Iran. These are creatures of hell and darkness. Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, Khamenei, and Netanyahu all deserve the death penalty.

"Understanding the Politics of Dajjal via it's agents Ya'juj wa Ma'juj" - Al Faedah.

Why The West Created The Islamic Republic of Iran, And Why It Wants To Destroy It Now.

According to conventional wisdom, Washington and Tehran have hated each other since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the Iranian-American hostage crisis that occurred shortly after. But when we look past the surface of events and official rhetoric we find very little evidence to support this claim.

The real history of the American-Iranian relationship is much more complex and complicated. The fundamentalist mullahs of Iran and the plutocratic rulers of America and Britain have secretly been in league with each other ever since they joined forces in 1953 to depose Iran’s democratically elected prime minister, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. At that time, the CIA and MI6 gave the throne of Iran to the Shah. But they maintained close ties with key figures in Iran’s fundamentalist community.

A generation into the Shah’s rule, the Iranian people got tired of the unjust dictatorship, and it was the mullah’s turn to sit on the throne and wield dictatorial power in Iran. The CIA and MI6 decided to depose the Shah in the mid-1970s, before there were any signs of an Iranian revolution, much less an Islamic one.

Iranian researcher Fara Mansoor says the turning point came when American ambassador to Iran Richard Helms was informed that the Shah had cancer by the Shah’s right-hand man General Hossein Fardoust, the head of SAVAK. Helms did not pass on this information to the president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, but to George H. W. Bush, the CIA director.

There is proof that both Bush Sr. and Helms played key roles in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, so they were experienced in using dirty tricks and organizing disinformation operations for a variety of foreign and domestic aims. They were following a secret foreign policy, and propping up Khomeini as the sole voice of the Iranian people through the mass media was one of their top objectives.

None of this can be dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theory. The fact of the matter is that the roots of the totalitarian Islamic Republic of Iran are as much in the West as they are in Iran. The Iranian Islamic Revolution was not as romantic as the academic specialists of the West like to think, especially anti-imperialist liberals. Ayatollah Khomeini was not a Che-like figure with a beard and a turban. He had no love for the people of Iran and hated freedom. And the historical record shows that Washington’s most powerful national security insiders played a key role in the formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the subsequent Iranian-American hostage crisis that culminated in the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

At first, the people of Iran did not accept Khomeini’s radical interpretation of Islam and Islamic theocracy. Millions of Iranians resisted, but thousands were executed without trials as a message to the rest of the society. The event that cemented Khomeini’s unjust rule over Iran was the Iranian-American hostage crisis, which Mansoor says was cunningly triggered by intelligence officials in Khomeini’s camp and Bush Sr.’s camp.

Symbolically, the hostage crisis was very powerful. It radicalized the Iranian people, immortalized Khomeini, made President Carter look weak, made President Reagan look strong, and made the American people hate Iran. Both totalitarian gangs in America and Iran benefited from the crisis that they created. And it has not remained in the past. American and Iranian tyrants continue to use the image of American hostages blindfolded by Iranian religious radicals for their selfish political purposes. But the people of America and Iran have suffered because of the unnatural separation between the two nations.

The manipulation of the American people and Iranian people by both totalitarian governments is unforgivable. Closely look at this picture of Khomeini, and this picture of Bush Sr. You can tell something is not right with them. These demons look like they came straight out of hell. Khomeini and Bush Sr. will probably share bunk beds after their spirits are reunited in hell. It is not paranoid and crazy to believe that like Bush Sr., Khomeini was an Illuminati agent and an agent of British and American intelligence agencies, which share the vision of a global fascist government. The only way they can sell a global fascist government to the people of the world is by creating the ritual of a third world war.

The official public rhetoric from the totalitarian regimes of America and Iran hide the reality that Ayatollah Khomeini was a creature of the MI6 and the CIA. They do not want this big secret to get out.

The members of the occult secret society who control America, Israel, England, and Iran have no allegiances to the countries that they rule. They seize power through deception and terror; assassinations and coups; wars and revolutions. Iran’s Mohammad Mossadegh and America’s Kennedy were both deposed by them.

Thus, far from hating each other, the totalitarian rulers of America and Iran secretly love each other because they depend on each other politically and psychologically to preserve their power. During periods of economic hardship and intense political upheaval, the unjust rulers of both countries deploy the most common tactic in the ruler’s playbook to defect blame from themselves and protect their ill-gotten power: Fear.
Using fear instead of love to rule over the people is Machiavelli’s famous advice to rulers. In modern totalitarian states, fear is the modus operandi. American, Iranian, and Israel leaders frighten the people with totalitarian propaganda, keep their countries distracted by an external enemy, and accuse their critics of treason. This is the Nazi-model of ruling a society. People are treated as slaves and worthless animals. In America, critics of the government are not accused of being traitors, but of being conspiracy theorists, paranoid, and mentally deranged. And it has worked really well until now.

II. Why Create Enemies? Why Wage War? Why Destroy Nations?
In a lecture on Iran in April 2010, American journalist Laura Secor said: “I do think that one can underestimate the extent to which the non-relationship with the United States is really central to the identity of the Islamic Republic.” You can switch the United States with the Islamic Republic in this sentence, and it would still be true, though not to the same extent.

Washington’s hype of the Iranian threat to the international order serves the economic and political interests of the ruling cabal in America and war-hungry freaks in Israel. America’s tyrants need enemies to preserve their war-based rule and national security dictatorship. And Iran’s Islamic tyrants need the Great Satan and Zionist Serpent as enemies in order to legitimize their harsh rule over Iran.

The unjust rulers of Iran loot Iran’s natural resource wealth while pretending to hate the enemy, and America’s unjust rulers do the same thing. Without a state of endless war, their power will collapse. We are dealing with very barbaric, immoral, and anti-democratic regimes that use deception and terror to subdue the people. War and chaos are like mother’s milk to the totalitarian monsters of America, England, Israel, and Iran. These are creatures of hell and darkness. Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, Khamenei, and Netanyahu all deserve the death penalty.

Dean Henderson published a very important article on April 2nd called, “Illuminati Mind Control & the Report from Iron Mountain,” that contains revealing statements from top U.S. officials in the early 1960s about why war is necessary and good. Henderson wrote:
In 1961 Kennedy Administration officials McGeorge Bundy, Robert McNamara and Dean Rusk, all CFR and Bilderberger members, led a study group which looked into “the problem of peace”.  The group met at Iron Mountain, a huge underground corporate nuclear shelter near Hudson, New York, where CFR think tank The Hudson Institute is located.  The bunker contains redundant offices in case of nuclear attack for Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell and JP Morgan Chase. [7]  A copy of the group discussions, known as Report from Iron Mountain, was leaked by a participant and published in 1967 by Dial Press.
The report’s authors saw war as necessary and desirable stating “War itself is the basic social system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire. (War is) the principal organizing force…the essential economic stabilizer of modern societies.”  The group worried that through “ambiguous leadership” the “ruling administrative class” might lose its ability to “rationalize a desired war”, leading to the “actual disestablishment of military institutions”.
The report goes on to say, “…the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until…we know exactly what we plan to put in its place…The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power…The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers. War has served as the last great safeguard against the elimination of necessary classes.”
It is very revealing that the maniacs in charge of the planet view world peace as a problem to deal with rather than embrace it as a good and beautiful thing. These are not normal and ethical individuals. War is a way of life for them, but these evil parasites do not actually participate in the killing and dying. They need war to stay in power, make trillions of dollars, and rule the people like sheep.

“War is hell,” said General William Sherman. Modern war is more than just big business. Its damage on the human psyche and human soul has been systematic. And it has destroyed freedom and democracy in the West and in Iran.

The societies of America, Israel, and Iran have been built on war and they are defined by it. War consumes all three societies emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and politically. The vampires who lead all three countries feed off of the hatred and fear that they create. They literally see the people as already dead, soulless animals who deserve to perish.

People have been dehumanized by modern warfare so much that the deaths of millions doesn’t mean anything anymore. The dehumanization of mankind has reached the point where the shadow international rulers of the American empire are seriously implementing a global depopulation operation.

A third world war is the artificial creation of the crazy monsters who rule our world. The organized destruction of America, Israel, and Iran will create new opportunities for the shameless war profiteers, global arms manufacturers, big oil men, and international banksters to keep stealing. They are rotten, cruel, and insane thieves who deserve to be hanged for their crimes against humanity.

How Illuminati Recruit & Network

Although students join fraternities like Alfa Elpison Pi with the vague sense they are networking, they don’t know they are joining a... thumbnail 1 summary

Although students join fraternities like Alfa Elpison Pi with the vague sense they are networking, they don’t know they are joining a Luciferian organization.

What do Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer have in common?  How aboutChicago Tribune owner Sam Zell, and pop singers Simon and Garfunkle?

At university, they were all members of the Jewish college fraternity Alfa Elpison Pi.   It has 10,000 members in 155 chapters in the US, Canada, the UK and Israel. Apparently some non-Jews who espouse its “purpose and values” are admitted.

ffiliated with the B’nai Brith,  this fraternity is one way Jews get recruited by Freemasonry and get a shot at the inside track in the New World Order.

At some campuses, 50% of Jewish students join Jewish fraternities and make up that proportion of fraternities in general.

Although most students join with the vague sense they are networking, they have no idea they are joining a Luciferian organization secretly dedicated to enslaving mankind spiritually and physically according to the plan set out in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”  They are gulled by the empty talk of a campus “brotherhood” and serving the Jewish community.

But the coat of arms of the fraternity is a clue to its real occult (i.e. satanic) designs. At my request, Texe Marrs has kindly deciphered the emblem.

1)  The skull on the book (no doubt a Holy book,) implies a faith in death and mortality, but it is counterbalanced at right by the diamond (lozenge shaped icon) which is the hope and promise of immortal life (esoterically, the diamond is the phallus, sign of the generative power.)

2) The fleur de lis at left is symbol of royalty–and has an esoteric sexual meaning as well. It is known as Satan’s flower. 

3) The six-pointed star on the Menorah symbolizes the completion of the Jewish mission, which is to consummate their hoped for Kingdom and sovereignty over all.  We have in the star six triangles, six points, and six lines (in the internal hexagan at center).  Thus, 666.

(4)  The “Aladdin’s” lamp connotes light and knowledge–esoteric, divine wisdom.
The rampant lion is also symbol of royalty and particularly of the Tribe of Judah. The triangles, with blue background, sign of the four corners of the world, or universe.

Pretty weird for an organization dedicated to Jewish brotherhood and service, wouldn’t you say? According to a B’nai Brith article,

“To join fraternities like AEPi, students must first go through initiation, which varies by chapter. This involves secretive rituals dating back to a fraternity’s founding, which are celebrated at the start of every school semester. They are then required to pay an initiation fee of $425. Chapter fees vary each semester after that depending on the events held by each individual chapter and range between $275 and $750 a year.”

“Once members become alumnae upon university graduation, they don’t have to pay a cent and they’ll still have their lifetime membership. Most importantly, they’ll maintain friendships with people they regard as family.”
People joining this or any fraternity should not expect to do a deal with the devil on the first day. This is a subtle process of indoctrination and sifting lasting many years. Most will have to join the Bnai Brith.

Over a long period of time, people willing to sacrifice any shred of decency will be identified and promoted. By this time, Evil in the service of the Luciferian NWO will appear Good.


Society was naive to think it could reject God without embracing Satan. They are like light and darkness. Remove the light and you will have darkness. (I define God in terms of spiritual absolutes like Truth, Love, Goodness & Beauty.)

Society was naive to think that those advocating “secularism” and the separating of church and state did not have a hidden agenda. They were Satanists and their dupes.

We become what we worship (obey.)  Increasingly society resembles a satanic cult and people are degenerating into demons. Freemasonry, with its recruitment centers at college fraternities and sororities, Jewish and non-Jewish, plays a key role in this process of decline.

Harold Rosenthal said most Jews don’t know it but “our God is Lucifer.”
Jews don’t know that the secret goal of organized (Cabalist) Jewry is to overturn the spiritual and natural design, (i.e. revolution.”) The aim is to turn reality on its head, and make what is unhealthy and dysfunctional seem healthy and natural (i.e. homosexuality, now promoted to children in our schools.)

They would replace God with Lucifer who represents them and their defiance of God. (This conclusion is based on what they do, not what they say.)

This Luciferian paradigm is ingrained in many Jews and is the real cause of anti-Semitism. It is the true meaning of “progress” and “progressive.” It doesn’t matter that this age-old Satanic rebellion has almost succeeded; ultimately it will lead to ruin.

But if you’re a student, Jewish or not, and want to sell your soul and your community for personal gain, you now know how.

"Berfikir tanpa kotak"

Ar Ra'isul Mutakallim, Tabligh Ki Zabaan (Lidah Tabligh) Hadrat Maulana Umar Palanpuri Rahmatullahu 'alaihi berkata: "Orang yang kuat adalah orang yang sanggup bertahan dalam arus kerosakan. Orang yang lebih kuat adalah orang yang sanggup melawan arus kerosakan. Namun orang yang paling kuat adalah orang yang sanggup merubah arah arus kerosakan hingga menjadi akannya arus kebaikan.”

“Dajjal bersama tenteranya mempunyai kekuatan yang amat istimewa dan amat tersusun. Begitu juga Yakjuj dan Makjuj membuat huru-hara di seluruh dunia. Kehebatan mereka tiada siapa yang dapat melawan dan orang beriman berundur dengan hanya makan zikir dan tasbih."

"Allah zahirkan kudratnya hanya dengan labah-labah yang kecil dijadikan asbab untuk menggigit tengkuk-tengkuk mereka hingga mati. Mayat mereka begitu busuk diseluruh dunia. Orang beriman tidak tahan terus berdoa pada Allah. Allah ta'ala hantarkan hujan dan banjir menghanyutkan mereka ke laut. Inilah yang akan berlaku di akhir zaman nanti."

"Amalan dakwah memisahkan hak dan batil seperti air menghanyutkan sampah dari emas dan logam-logam yang lain. Namun pekerja² agama jika wujud cinta dunia dalam hati mereka seperti emas dan disaluti logam-logam lain, maka banyak masalah yang akan timbul.”