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By Ben Harris August 24, 2016   It is thus considered a betrayal to him when many may not realise that the 1 minute video clip publis... thumbnail 1 summary
By Ben Harris August 24, 2016
It is thus considered a betrayal to him when many may not realise that the 1 minute video clip published by TVkini is a well planned strategy by Dr Mahathir to teach the 3 Tan Sris a lesson for failing to his recent attempt to demonise PM Najib Razak hence that should lead the move to oust the Prime Minister.

As Raja Petra mentioned in his articles that a press conference that was supposed to happen during Abu Kassim’s retirement dinner by the 3 Tan Sris namely Zeti, Abu Kassim and Gani Patail. A concurrent press conference should also be done by Dr Mahathir during his visit to Jakarta.

The trio Tan Sris and Dr Mahathir’s statements should be all about taking off from US DOJ’s civil suit against Red Granite. The conference were supposed to highlight the Malaysia Official 1 (MO1) and linked it to PM Najib Razak as much as possible.

But, Azwan Bro (Pemuda UMNO Deputy Chief) spoilt the soup when he lodged a report against the trio Tan Sris. It is said that Gani Patail backed off and did not appear in Abu Kassim’s dinner, therefore nothing happened that night. But, Dr Mahathir was so sore and knew that among the trio Tan Sris, one of them has betrayed him.

Who ever the betrayal is, there is an enemy within Dr Mahathir’s circle, for the plot was leaked that landed into Azwan Bro and now in the police hands. The Chief Police concluded that Azwan’s report is based on assumptions and the investigations were put to an end. Yet, to the rakyat’s perception, the trio Tan Sri’s names remain associated to the nation’s coup conspiracy when earlier it was widely discussed.

Being the darling of the medias, Dr Mahathir would not hesitate to speak his mind on anything and what more that concerned PM Najib Razak. Disappointed, at the failed plot is still mild and compromised to him but knowing that he was double-crossed, surfaced the true colors of Dr Mahathir that the traitor needed not only to be taught a lesson but punished.

If we may not know that questions from journos can be planted from their seniors. Should it be a coincident or a queued question, it took almost a monthto get Dr Mahathir’s responds on Azwan Bro’s allegations and Raja Petra’s accusations. It is thus the same amount of period that Dr Mahathir needed to investigate and be sure of the culprit or perhaps it is more than one among the trio Tan Sris who betrayed him.

Dr Mahathir has no more time to waste for he knew, that was the best plot to oust PM Najib. Almost all his schemes met with dead ends. From the Pak Arab’s donation to 1MDB story-telling and being odd to sleep with his political nemesis Kit Siang, now his new unwelcomed party Pribumi, all did not
turned out well to his expectations as PM Najib is getting stronger and stronger by the hour.

It is believed that the trio Tan Sris have been avoiding Dr Mahathir ever since that his calls were not returned at all. Hence, Dr Mahathir left with no choice but to take it to public and the best platform is via the media. This is how exactly, the trio Tan Sris will have to be punished for betraying the plot and Dr Mahathir directly.

Should Dr Mahathir have no idea about the coup conspiracy, he would have avoided to answer the journo’s question and the least he would have responded with his usual cynical ‘No’ or posed with a blank face.

But it seems that Dr Mahathir delibrately wanting to elaborate his answers with … “Zeti is upright, so is Abu Kassim and also Gani Patail…but they were betrayed by one among them.” Is this not clear that the trio Tan Sri’s are named and confirmed by him involved in the coup attempt thus they are the traitors of the states?

In actual, that is not the ultimate objective for mentioning the trio Tan Sris. Dr Mahathir has his hidden agenda that should no one among the three surfaced and admitted, they will be demonised as traitors of the states whilst the coup attempted by the trio Tan Sris are real!  That is the punishment and hence the price will be too expensive for betraying him!


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