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Peter Colt: The Great Reset

I’ll try to explain it again. They can’t have their Great Reset until they’ve destroyed everyone’s business and cost everyone their job. For... thumbnail 1 summary

I’ll try to explain it again. They can’t have their Great Reset until they’ve destroyed everyone’s business and cost everyone their job. For if they were to simply close the world down, or allow the people to find out that the monetary system has collapsed and that they are already broke (their savings now being worthless), the people would revolt. That’s the reason for the fake pandemic. It’s there to make people believe that the shutdowns and the resulting economic disaster were unavoidable consequences of the ‘virus’, leaving people with no redress, or at least believing that they have none.

The worldwide total economic breakdown started in earnest in September of 2019. The economic devastation is inevitable, but the people mustn’t be allowed to understand this lest they realize that it was the economic system itself that collapsed. The people must not be permitted to look into nor understand why the previous system’s collapse was inevitable or they’ll be able to assign blame where blame is due.

They can’t end the fake pandemic until ‘it’ has destroyed the economy completely. That’s what it is for; it’s a cover for the economic collapse that started over 1 year ago. They don’t want people to realize that the currency is now worthless. If the people knew the truth, we’d all literally be starving within a month. The worldwide credit system would collapse, there would be no delivery of food or fuel, etc because no one would accept our now worthless currency for their goods. That’s the reason that the fear level over this ‘pandemic’ must be kept at a maximum; anything less would cause people to wonder why a total shutdown was necessary. Unfortunately, instilling the greatest level of fear requires that people be made afraid of seeing even their loved-ones, hence the prohibition of gatherings even at Christmas.

This fake pandemic has been in the plans for well over a decade to be used as a means to mitigate the havoc that was unavoidable in the inevitable economic and monetary-system collapse that the powers-that-be knew was certain to come. After all, the world’s monetary system had been on death’s door since the mid-1990’s. It’s not a deep state ploy to ruin Donald Trump nor is it a plan by Trump to use the emergency to stay in power forever but don’t doubt for a minute that political parties are milking the ‘pandemic’ for all they can get out of it.

The reason for the non-essential-goods mandates at the retail level is to hide the fact that many of these goods are simply not available for re-stocking. We are in the midst of a full-blown worldwide economic collapse being papered over by money printing by the central banks. Many foreigners won’t be accepting our currency anymore, making it difficult to import many things. I know, people will say that China needs access to our markets but in reality they have reached the point where they (and their other trading partners) no longer need North America and the West, especially with our failing currencies. I expect that much trade with China and other places is only being carried on with by the government coughing-up a surplus premium to the payment just to get foreigners to sell to us. It would simply be part of the emergency bailout monies being printed so quickly these days by the hundreds of billions. You won’t hear about this on the news; any such action would be considered a matter of ‘national security’ and therefore subject to a publication ban (what the British call a ‘D’ notice).

Have you noticed that many things that used to come from China are suddenly coming from places like South Africa where their currency is suffering the same collapse as is ours? We can only maintain trade with others who are in the same boat as we are. Those with well-performing economies aren’t accepting our currency as payment.

Goods deemed non-essential are (for the most part) goods that would not be able to be replenished when the current stock runs out. The government can’t print enough extra currency, or guarantee enough favours, to subsidize every possible item that gets imported, and were the shelves to become bare it would lay out for all to see that our economy is finished. That is an unpleasant truth that the powers-that-be have been trying to hide from us for almost a year now. The ‘pandemic’ is their main instrument for covering up that truth.

There is a reason that they claim that this ‘pandemic’ originated in China; and that’s because China is where the majority of our manufactured goods come from. Now they have the justification for telling our manufacturers that they must re-locate out of China. The USA is being quite adamant about this. Like I said, foreign nations don’t want to accept our worthless currency as payment nor will they want to accept whatever new currency we come up with. Therefore, Western nations must once again start manufacturing all of their own goods.

It’s high time for both a back-to-work protest amongst those who have been shut down and a strike of the ‘essential workers’. You’ve got nothing to lose that you’re not already scheduled to lose in their master plan the ‘great reset’. If I were you, I’d get out now and make the best of what time is left for preparation; whether it be with family, or just with yourself in steeling yourself for the battle to come. You’ll have to be able to look yourself in the mirror in the future and say “I tried, I didn’t just ride out the clock until doomsday came playing along with their sick game”.

The economy (the monetary system) is finished, that’s the whole reason for this fake pandemic (it’s a cover story). We’ve already had everything stolen from us society just isn’t aware of that fact yet. So keeping on working isn’t going to save our homes or our life savings; they’re already gone, the paperwork (the great reset) just hasn’t been presented to us yet. The only thing that can perhaps be saved is our dignity and freedom to start over as we see fit. But this will only happen if we stand-up right now, together, in defiance; whether that means quitting work so that our friends and family finally see that the situation needs to be taken seriously, or re-open our businesses and damn the consequences, which will also let the message be known to those in denial that this is deadly serious. Playing ‘their’ game is only going to lead us directly into the trap they have set for us.

The monetary system was already dead. In August 2019 it was revealed that the big US banks started refusing to deal with one another under the Interbank Overnight Repurchase System unless they were willing to pay each other a 500% premium on their usual fees. The FED was forced to step in and pony up $105 BILLION per night. By March 2020 the FED was ponying up $225 BILLION per night. Remember, this is just what was happening in the USA; the rest of the world was in the same quagmire. This fake pandemic was instigated to hide the truth. They could blame the shutdown of business on the virus instead of actually having the businesses collapse. It was brilliant. They managed to keep food on everyone’s table, most people being none the wiser that they were on the brink of total collapse. Now they’ve grabbed emergency control of the printing presses; especially in the US where the FED has been commandeered by the Treasury. They’ll print money to keep the economy afloat while insisting that all exports are paid for in Gold. Building the gold reserves until they have enough to transition, very-temporarily, to a gold-backed currency which will soon after be replaced with a currency backed solely by the productivity of the American worker and the demand for U.S. made goods. Canada will print money to infinity too, until they’re Zimbabwe, then they will likely have no choice but to join the USA. The citizens will demand it just to get some relief from the crushing poverty and debt load. All part of the damned North American Union plan that’s been in the works for decades.

Anyone who thinks that the debt-fueled spending isn’t necessary doesn’t understand what is happening. It’s the only thing keeping food on your table in this economic collapse. At this point, without government intervention, the credit markets would dry up, the shelves would be bare, fuel would be unavailable because no suppliers would be accepting payment in any form other than gold (therefore the entire economy would grind to a halt). This debt will never be repaid, a FIAT currency is a debt by nature and can never be repaid, but that doesn’t matter anymore. You’re witnessing “The Great Reset”. So far, it has been managed well (that’s what the fake pandemic is covering for). I hate that this is happening, but it was inevitable ever since ‘we’ let central banks and FIAT currencies rule our economy.

Again, you must understand what’s happening now. CERB, for instance, put food on people’s tables. I know, most people say that if it weren’t for the shutdown CERB wouldn’t have been necessary but they’re wrong. If the government wasn’t pouring out money, guaranteeing that interest rates stay at zero or perhaps go negative, backstop all of the banks (which by the way are all insolvent), and fund (by subsidizing) many other things that haven’t even come to light yet, the people would literally be starving.

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