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Moscow & Washington versus Ankara

By Mikhail Leontyev 1 March 2016 Armistice Agreement reached by Russia and the United States is the result of the various groups, t... thumbnail 1 summary

Armistice Agreement reached by Russia and the United States is the result of the various groups, that fought with the Syrian government, reaching the brink of a military disaster.

However, Hello!

French political analyst, journalist Thierry Meyssan writes: "President Vladimir Putin has based his policy on Syria on the fight against Jihadis. It is based neither on support of the Syrian Arab Republic, nor the support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Putin intends to oppose the Jihadis because , since 2012-th on, he firmly maintained that the Syrian issue was internal Russian problem, too. Because he and only he understood the logic of this system.

Russia can now recreate the situation that the world saw in the period of 1936-1939. In 1936, the British king was on the side of the Nazis, the Bank of England sponsored the Nazis in Germany .... And this is what Russia has done - it has changed the political line and forced the hand of the United States to shift their position to the one against the Jihadis, even though it was the United States that had created this system of Jihadis. "

Thierry Meyssan - a French Orientalist - spoke about the possibility of US-Russian agreement on Syria as early as 2012. The agreement, in which no one believed, which has been regularly sabotaged by the US military hawks, who were in charge of Islamic groups, and into which Obama himself finally believed only in the face of the threat of a military victory of the Russian-Syrian-Iranian coalition.

Advisor to the President of Syria for political and informational issues Buseyna Shaaban: "As for the US claims about a certain plan" B ", then we do not know what exactly the US Secretary of State is referring to . For us any " B "is very clear - we will continue to fight terrorism."

Translated into plain Russian, it means - there is no plan "B". Rejection of plan "A" means return to the offensive of the Syrian army, with the support of allies. Thus, the United States’ commitment to the plan "A" is the only way to achieve peace in Syria at the minimum acceptable conditions for the United States.

Thus, the plan "A" - is not only victory for Putin, but also a victory for Obama- over himself and over the overwhelmingly influential group of American neocons, pushing America to the brink of disaster.

A prelude to the current truce, not the consequence, as it seems to some, was a rejection of each member of the coalition of pro-Saudi ideas to conduct ground operations in Syria. Bahrain first, followed by Qatar, then Saudi Arabia, every relevant party in the negotiations, bar ISIS (DAESH, ISIL) and Dzhabhat-en-Nusra, that have been outlawed. And Turkey!

Turkey is the only party remaining outside the peace process, together with ISIS and a bunch of pro-Turkish groups that have also renounced the armistice. French political scientist Thierry Meyssan writes: "Turkey not being a signatory to the agreement between Russia and the US is just a bureaucratic formality, but it shows Turkey’s position. What Turkey is going to do? It is going to return to the Syrian territory to attack Kurds, the very allies of Moscow and Washington.. By doing so, Turkey would violate the truce, violate the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and Turkey would enter into armed conflict with the allies, Moscow and Washington. I think it is . a trap for Turkey, and that in the next few weeks or in the next few months we will see a collapse of the rule of Mr Erdogan. "

Well, with time-frame of "weeks and months", Meyssan, perhaps, is a little on a hasty side, but the fact that Erdogan has driven himself into a corner and that the local Russian-American agreement in some way does involve Erdogan is a rather plausible possibility.

Agency "Regnum", referring to Turkish Hurriyet, posted the statement of the Turkish military, which followed the meeting with President Erdogan: "The Turkish army will not set a foot on Syrian territory without a UN Security Council consent and the decision can not be accepted, given the position of Russia."

This statement, in addition to direct text, contains a quite clear subtext - the Turkish army sends Erdogan President to the hands of international law. Acute desire of the Turkish army to do this is understandable- Erdogan has only removed the Turkish army from the political pedestal, but also has imprisoned half of the generals. But it is impracticable without the consent of the Americans. And this is a very bad news to Erdogan, who has lost the ability to manoeuver between the Americans and Russia.

However, Good-bye!
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