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Satanism in the Vatican: The Inverted Cross

" The devil in the Catholic Church is so protected now that he is like an animal protected by the government ; put on a gam... thumbnail 1 summary
"The devil in the Catholic Church is so protected now that he is like an animal protected by the government; put on a game preserve that outlaws anyone, especially hunters, from trying to capture or kill it. The devil within the Church today is actually protected by certain Church authorities from the official devil-hunter in the Church — the exorcist. ...
To the question, 'Are there men of the curia who are followers of Satan?' Milingo responded, 'Certainly there are priests and bishops. I stop at this level of ecclesiastical hierarchy because I am an archbishop, higher than this I cannot go.' Milingo cited papal statements to back up his charges. 'Paul VI said that the smoke of Satan had entered into the Vatican.'" 
-- Archbishop Milingo
The Inverted Cross
"The inverted cross is a blaspheme
or mockery of the Christian cross."

Catholic BLASPHEMY! 

The Upside Down Cross - Symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus.  Necklaces with upside down crosses are worn by many Satanist's, and can be seen on Rock-n-Roll singers and their album covers. The Death Metal rock band, Deicide, has songs about the joy of killing Jesus.

Lead singer Glen Benton, who branded an inverted cross on his forehead, named his son Daemon (”master of the supernatural”). Deicide’s bass player, Eric Hoffman, says, “Death metal is Satanic. We relay our music all into Satanism. 

The Baphomet is the official symbol of the Church Of Satan, but many Satanists use the inverted cross to symbolize their dislike of Christianity. It's modern meaning has came to mean "anti-Christian" and it is used and recognized as such in today's world. 

This inverted cross image comes from, BloodWulfs Book : ChaosLord . Here is an excerpt from some of the "poetry" found on this page--

Experience the nightmare of my desire. 

The stars glisten with my blood.
I call unto you.
I deny your faith.
Live in the face of emptiness, yet
You survive the details.
I embrace your desire,
And elevate violence to a sacred deed.
You equip for immortality:
I reap your soul for eternity

The following definition comes from the book, "Brave New Schools" by Berit Kjos-

INVERTED CROSS: Represents Satanism and its mockery of Christ.
The following excerpt came from the Ozzy Osbourne Biography/FAQ (3/2000)
The record company chose to put an upside down cross on the gatefold of the album and thus people readily associated the band (Black Sabbath) with Satanism. The band knew nothing about this and did not want the upside down cross, however they backed down from the record company's "wiser and higher" marketing methods.
The Esoteric Symbol Library says: "The inverted pentagram is generally a symbol of evil (in much the same way that the inverted cross is)... "

Necrodeath is a Satanic group with songs such as: "The Shining Pentagram", "Stillbirth", "Choose your death", "Fragments of insanity" and "Internal Decay". They also has a selection entitled, "Agony/The flag of the inverted cross".

There is a group called Danzig whose merchandise page includes at least five items that have an inverted cross. Here's the description of one item--

Band photo from DANZIG II in inverted cross on front and "Ye are of your father the Devil..." quote on back of black shirt.  Available in M, L, or X, and sold through Brockum and Angels Of The Seventh Dawn starting in 1990.It is easy to find websites and occult stores where you can purchase all types of items with inverted crosses.

One example is the Black Magic which sells four different styles of inverted cross.  In fact, you can buy inverted crosses at carefully notice that Pentagrams are also being sold on the same page!

In his article, The Kingdom of Satan, Professor J.S. Malan says this about the inverted cross:

 4.7 Opposition against the cross of Jesus and the Christian church 

The kingdom of darkness is fanatically opposed to the church of Jesus Christ and tries to question, discourage, deceive, infiltrate, oppress, forbid, or destroy it in every possible way. Some of the symbols that they use in this campaign are the following:

The inverted cross - This cross is not broken, but turned upside down. It indicates the rejection of Jesus Christ and contempt for the gospel of salvation. Inverted symbols are typical of the opposite values pursued by Satanists. People who are sometimes sacrificed to Satan on Black Sabbath are crucified upside down in accordance with this tradition. 

[Editor's note: I've come across worse items showing the inverted cross but could not bring myself to even present the titles here. Ephesians 5:12]
Having established the Satanic nature of the inverted (upside down) cross, please view the following picture. This picture was captured from television utilizing a WinTV capture card on 3-24-00.  

The pope got off his death bed for this event... that upside down cross is a message to every single freemason/Satanist/Lucifer worshipping... freak... that the show is on... Satan has been welcomed into the Holy land... get ready for a false prophet!
The above photo was not doctored. The following picture was found on the CNN website. 
The following picture was found on the Time website. What is interesting about this picture is that even within the picture you can still distinctly see the inverted cross. 

The following picture was found on the CBS website.
The CBS caption says, 

"The pope sits on the altar at Korazim. The backdrop depicts Christ with an open book that reads, 'Love your enemies, I will come soon.' "

Yes, the Beast of Revelation chapter 13 and his false prophet are going to manifest for the final showdown very soon. But what does the pope mean when he talks about his enemies? WHO are the supposed enemies of the Catholic Christ, of the anti-Christ? 

Bible believing Christians that know the true, Christ—The Christ of the Bible—They expose Satan and his Antichrist.
Papistry has been killing Bible believing Christians for centuries. According to Jacob Primer, in "Pastor Jacob Primmer in Rome" p. 215 upside down crucifixion is one of the tortures they used on our forefathers during the Inquisition (the picture at left was taken from the book "Pastor Jacob Primmer in Rome", sixth edition, 1912, Dunfermline Citizen office. 
In the next segment of the slideshow there is a picture of various inquisition tortures which include another upside down crucifixion. Inverted crucifixion is also pictured and mentioned in Samuel Clarke's Martyrology circa 1651). In this context, the pope's inverted cross means "Death to all who oppose Rome!"
As Horace Greeley said, "It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible reading people." Bible believers will NEVER fit in with a Luciferian New World Order since Christ is our King and the Bible our only creed. In order to inoculate deceived Catholics from receiving the gospel, high level papists devise a number of mind control techniques including the use of propaganda.

A Roman Catholic pamphlet entitled, "A Pastoral Statement For Catholics On Biblical Fundamentalism," is a warning from Catholic Bishops to Catholics "who may be attracted to Biblical Fundamentalism without realizing its serious weaknesses." It criticizes Fundamentalists for "rigid doctrinal and ideological positions" and for interpreting the Bible to be literally true. 
It says: "We do not look upon the Bible as an authority for science or history." And: "The gospel comes to us through the Spirit-guided Tradition of the [Catholic] Church and the inspired books. ... The Church produced the New Testament, not vice versa." It said Fundamentalists "try to find in the Bible all the direct answers for living. ...

We look to both the Church's official teaching (or magisterium) AND [our emphasis] Scripture for guidance in addressing life's problems." The pamphlet emphasizes the necessity of the seven sacraments, the "veneration of the Blessed Mother," etc. (4/1/95, Calvary Contender).


And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
-2nd Corinthians 11:14

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.-Matthew 24:9

"Berfikir tanpa kotak"

Ar Ra'isul Mutakallim, Tabligh Ki Zabaan (Lidah Tabligh) Hadrat Maulana Umar Palanpuri Rahmatullahu 'alaihi berkata: "Orang yang kuat adalah orang yang sanggup bertahan dalam arus kerosakan. Orang yang lebih kuat adalah orang yang sanggup melawan arus kerosakan. Namun orang yang paling kuat adalah orang yang sanggup merubah arah arus kerosakan hingga menjadi akannya arus kebaikan.”

“Dajjal bersama tenteranya mempunyai kekuatan yang amat istimewa dan amat tersusun. Begitu juga Yakjuj dan Makjuj membuat huru-hara di seluruh dunia. Kehebatan mereka tiada siapa yang dapat melawan dan orang beriman berundur dengan hanya makan zikir dan tasbih."

"Allah zahirkan kudratnya hanya dengan labah-labah yang kecil dijadikan asbab untuk menggigit tengkuk-tengkuk mereka hingga mati. Mayat mereka begitu busuk diseluruh dunia. Orang beriman tidak tahan terus berdoa pada Allah. Allah ta'ala hantarkan hujan dan banjir menghanyutkan mereka ke laut. Inilah yang akan berlaku di akhir zaman nanti."

"Amalan dakwah memisahkan hak dan batil seperti air menghanyutkan sampah dari emas dan logam-logam yang lain. Namun pekerja² agama jika wujud cinta dunia dalam hati mereka seperti emas dan disaluti logam-logam lain, maka banyak masalah yang akan timbul.”