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June 19 2013. Morris interview . (Web Video Player)   Short text interview: Sheikh Imran N.Hosein about the Turkish protests Sun, 06/... thumbnail 1 summary

June 19 2013. Morris interview. (Web Video Player)

Short text interview: Sheikh Imran N.Hosein about the Turkish protests
Sun, 06/09/2013 - 15:41
Interview prepared by Natella Speranskaya
Global Revolutionary Alliance

1. The national revolution has started in Turkey. What are the forces behind it? Who is fighting who?
2. How is the Turkish revolution related to the geopolitical opposition of Eurasianism (Russia, Iran, Syria) and atlantism (NATO, USA, EU)?
3. Your prognosis of the development of events in Turkey and how it will effect the situation in Syria?

SHEIKH IMRAN: I do not recognize the current widespread copycat popular Turkish protests as an uprising as yet, and certainly not as a national revolution.

Opposition discontent with Erdogen's style of leadership, and with his government's effort to clothe itself with some form of Islamic legitimacy through the creeping introduction of 'cosmetic' Islam, do not make a revolution.

My view, which can perhaps be premature, is that the same sinister Zionist forces which successfully assisted the spread of the Arab protests until they became the ‘Arab Spring’, and which have successfully delivered color-revolutions in several parts of the world, seem to be at work exploiting an excellent opportunity to deflect the world's attention from their embarrassing defeat in the strategically important Syrian town of Qusair, by ensuring that the Turkish protests escalate in dramatic importance until they claim center-stage around the world.

If Egyptian President Mursi could so far survive far greater and more violent popular protests in Egypt, I see no reason why Turkish Prime Minister Erdogen cannot survive the present internal Turkish protests; nor do I think it is the intention of the sinister external forces at work in the protests to seek to unseat Erdogen. They have invested too much in Turkey, for too long a period of time, to now risk a change in the status quo.

Rather, if my analysis is correct, they are likely to seek to maintain the protests until Erdogen has to find a means to extricate himself from his misery. Their reasoning is, perhaps, that he will be left with no option but to act in accordance with the script they prepared for him, and that is to launch a NATO-blessed Turkish invasion of Syria.

Now that Qusair has fallen to their great embarrassment, it is even more urgent that Turkey act in accordance with their bidding.

And so I fear that if the Turkish protests show no signs of abating, they are likely to provoke an embattled Turkish government to seek an escape route in the form of a Turkish invasion of Syria.

It is impossible, for obvious reasons, that if Turkey invades Syria, such an act will not provoke a response from Iran and Russia. And so Israel will get what she has long desired, namely a great war or wars which, she hopes, will witness the mutual destruction of the two military blocs in the world – NATO and her allies and Russia and her allies. The remnant of the world that would then be left would wake up to Pax Judaica or Israeli/Jewish rule over the world. Christian eschatology has described that great war as Argageddon, while in Islamic eschatology it is known as the Malhama.

There is of course, much more to this subject in Islamic eschatology, but it is not within the scope of this response to provide more than this.

I fear that a proper explanation for this sinister Zionist capacity to successfully convert a local protest into a national conflagration is a task that lies beyond the scope and reach of secular scholarship. I discern a transcendental master-mind of an actor at work in the socio-political matrix. My eschatology allows me to recognize that actor to be Dajjal, the false Messiah.

It is quite important that we take note of the fact that while the sinister subversive forces did attempt to exploit protests – electoral and otherwise - in Russia in order to block Putin, they have failed to achieve their objective. Indeed Putin and Russia have grown steadily stronger, and have dramatically displayed a willingness to resist their quest for world political, economic and military dominion. This indicates that Russia may have an eschatological role to play which even Dajjal cannot subvert.

"Berfikir tanpa kotak"

Ar Ra'isul Mutakallim, Tabligh Ki Zabaan (Lidah Tabligh) Hadrat Maulana Umar Palanpuri Rahmatullahu 'alaihi berkata: "Orang yang kuat adalah orang yang sanggup bertahan dalam arus kerosakan. Orang yang lebih kuat adalah orang yang sanggup melawan arus kerosakan. Namun orang yang paling kuat adalah orang yang sanggup merubah arah arus kerosakan hingga menjadi akannya arus kebaikan.”

“Dajjal bersama tenteranya mempunyai kekuatan yang amat istimewa dan amat tersusun. Begitu juga Yakjuj dan Makjuj membuat huru-hara di seluruh dunia. Kehebatan mereka tiada siapa yang dapat melawan dan orang beriman berundur dengan hanya makan zikir dan tasbih."

"Allah zahirkan kudratnya hanya dengan labah-labah yang kecil dijadikan asbab untuk menggigit tengkuk-tengkuk mereka hingga mati. Mayat mereka begitu busuk diseluruh dunia. Orang beriman tidak tahan terus berdoa pada Allah. Allah ta'ala hantarkan hujan dan banjir menghanyutkan mereka ke laut. Inilah yang akan berlaku di akhir zaman nanti."

"Amalan dakwah memisahkan hak dan batil seperti air menghanyutkan sampah dari emas dan logam-logam yang lain. Namun pekerja² agama jika wujud cinta dunia dalam hati mereka seperti emas dan disaluti logam-logam lain, maka banyak masalah yang akan timbul.”